How To: Vinyl Wrap A Hood

Posted by Daniel Sanchez on 21st Jan 2024

How To: Vinyl Wrap A Hood

In this video, David from Premium Auto Styling demonstrates how to wrap a hood on a Model Y. He shows the tools needed, the process of wrapping, and gives tips on handling corners and edges. The video ends with a preview of wrapping the fender in the next video.

How to Wrap a Hood: Tools and Techniques The video demonstrates how to wrap a hood on a Model Y. The necessary tools for wrapping a hood include a squeegee, blade, tape measure, and heat gun. Spraying quick detailer can help with squeegeeing and provide a slippery surface.

Tips for Overlapping Strokes and Trimming Hood - Car Wrapping Tutorial Overlapping strokes are at 03:02 to 03:17 Removing trapped air and heating up corners for trimming Trimming the hood and post-heating for a smooth finish

Tips for Applying Car Wrap Film Use a wrap glove to work the film down and around the edges. Cut around the corners for full coverage and repeat the process on the other side. Guide yourself with a light touch to avoid damaging the paint while peeling off the film.

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See Video timestamp 03:02 to 03:17 For removing trapped air from underneath vinyl, heating corners, trimming and post-heating. Pro Tips straight from the experts!