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American Flag Quarter Window Decal | 2019-2022 Subaru Ascent

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  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Black
  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Gray
  • FLG149-Satin Black
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Notice: This is a custom product that takes time to produce. If this product is in addition to your order you can expect a 3-5 day production delay. We do try to get these flag decals out as soon as possible but please be patient with us.

Our American Flag Quarter Window Decal set takes your Ascent's un-used side window and turns it into a great focal point with this patriotically stylish flag decal. It comes in a satin black OR satin grey finish that adds just the right amount of "cool factor" without being too flashy or in-your-face. 


Pre cut to fit perfectly without any trimming required if placed properly. These Products being as large as they are can be difficult to line up just right so you may need to do some trimming if you don't place it right! A second set of hands for this product is recommended when lining it up for placement.


Premium only uses the highest quality cast vinyl on the market designed to last at least 3 years of harsh outdoor weather. It's far more durable than our competitors' cheap, calendared vinyl film which starts to degrade in just a couple of years! 


Starting with a clean surface is a must. We recommend installing the decal indoors on a cool day. If your car has been sitting outside in the heat, pull it into a garage or shaded area, away from air borne debris, where the surface can decrease in temperature until it's cool to the touch. We recommend wiping the surface clean with alcohol and a microfiber towel. Line up the decal and slowly apply pressure with a squeegee across the decal until it is fully applied to the surface. Before removing transfer tape, do another pass over the entire decal with the squeegee with slightly more pressure to insure it adheres to the surface. You should apply enough pressure to see the decal embossed through the transfer tape. Starting with one corner, begin peeling the transfer tape away from the decal, slowly pulling back parallel to the window. If parts of the decal do not adhere to the surface, STOP, and slowly lay the part of the transfer tape back down, squeegee over the area again and proceed to peel the transfer tape again. Depending on how well you cleaned the window this may take a couple attempts to make sure the decal adheres properly without ripping the film.


Our American Flag Quarter Window Decals are sold as a PAIR and makes for near perfect fitment (depending on your placement).

Fitment:2019-2022 Subaru Ascent

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