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Local Vehicle Product Research and Development Waiting List

Please make sure you utilize our vehicle make, model, year menu on our home page to look for product for your vehicle on our website before adding your information to this list.

If you cannot find any products for your vehicle on our website and our universal section is not sufficient for the type of project you are looking for consider adding yourself to our local R&D list. This is a list we keep on file to pull from when we are looking for a vehicle to create product for. Many people think we only make product for popular vehicles, but that is not the case. We are always looking to expand our catalog to as many different makes and models as possible. If you are local to our shop in Riverside, CA and can spare some time away from your vehicle, you are the perfect candidate. More information

We constantly have interest from people to make model specific products but we don't always have a vehicle on hand to be able to make what the people want. This list will allow us to get to those who also want these products for the same car as you even faster. This list does not guarantee products for your car but we will be actively working with as many individuals as we can to make as many products as we can. If we select someone else's car other than yours it's nothing against you, but you will at least know that product for your specific make and model is coming soon.  



Don't forget, a vast majority of our products can be made by you at home using our universal section.

- Looking to make Smoked Amber Deletes, Side Markers, reflectors or tail light inserts. Order Smoke tint by the foot instead of having to order an entire roll else where.



- Looking to black out your chrome trim or simply redo your factory trim because it has chips in it. Simple, check out our trim rolls.



- Want to wrap something black, mirrors, door handles, emblems, or just want to see what wrap is like without having to purchase an entire roll. 




For years we have strived to make our products as DIY friendly as possible. We test and retest products many times to insure fit and ease of use. Some products are simply too difficult for a majority of people to install themselves which can be a reason some products do not exist on our site. If you have been waiting for a specific product it may fall into this category and we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our professional installers. We want you to be happy with your end result, from pre-cut vehicle specific designs to universal fit we want you to have all the tools you need when it comes to DIY projects. Which is why we list the tools we use in our tools section for you to purchase yourself. Don't forget to check out our wrap tools section as well as our wrap care in order to take care of your finished product.